ArchiBiz 2023 Holiday Reading & Listening Guide

As the holiday season unfolds, it often brings with it an assortment of tasks, deadlines and obligations. Whether you’re tying up loose ends on a project or arranging some last-minute vendors for the end-of-year holiday party, this period is often one that is booked and busy. Waiting for us on the other side, however, lies … Continued

ArchiBiz Holiday Reading & Listening Guide for 2022 

For many of us, the holiday period can be an overwhelming time of the year.   There are projects to wrap up, invoices to send out, a holiday party to throw and what seems like a never-ending to-do list to get through before we close the office doors.  However busy we might be, it’s important that … Continued

Three keys to becoming a better leader 

An architecture practice owner and leader needs to be able to effectively manage and build a team. During Monograph’s Section Cut Conference earlier this month, Archibiz mentors discussed the ways in which architects can become better leaders. Learn three keys to becoming a better leader here.

Forget resolutions – here’s what your architecture practice needs

In order to run a successful architecture practice, you need to have a business vision. A vision is a clearly articulated, results-oriented picture of the future you intend to create. Practice owners need to have a well-formulated vision for their practice if they want their practice to truly make an impact.

3 strategies to manage architecture burnout at end of year

Managing employee burnout at the end of the year can be a difficult task for architecture practice owners. Learn three strategies you can implement today to motivate your staff in your architecture firm during the busy holiday season.

3 keys to running a profitable architecture firm (Leadership BluePrint Podcast)

Listen to Ray Brown, Chief Mentor and Co-Founder of Archibiz, share his “Three Keys to Running a Profitable Architecture Firm” on the Leadership BluePrint Podcast, hosted by Zach Waters. In this episode, Ray breaks down the 3 most impactful ways to increase your architecture firm’s profitability.

Business of Architecture: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Ray Brown

Watch Ray Brown, Archibiz co-founder, speak on the Business of Architecture Podcast. In this interview, you’ll hear Rion Willard, host of the show, talk to Ray about how architects can learn the basics of business to advance their own practice. You’ll also learn how architects can communicate their value to the client and bring awareness to their practice.

The power of the business review

Undertaking a business review can be one of the most impactful decisions an architecture practice owner can take. While it can be a daunting endeavor, business reviews have the power to energise your architecture practice and prepare you for what’s coming next. A business review can uncover the strengths and capabilities of each team member, and help owners gain clarity around their financials.