How to manage client expectations

Managing client expectations can be tough in any industry. Architects can improve their relationships with clients and manage expectations early by taking these five key steps.

Mapping the client journey

A client’s journey in your architecture practice can make or break your practice. It can make the difference between whether that client ends up happy with the results and then refers you to friends and family, or talks negatively about your practice when asked. We spoke with Maytree Studios to learn about their client journey, and how you can create your own.

How to improve your architecture fee proposal

Writing an architecture fee proposal can be both daunting and all-consuming. Yet there are steps you can take to improve your fee proposal so that you win more projects and secure the fees you want. In this article, we outline best practices for creating and presenting an architect’s fee proposal.

Learn how to demonstrate your value to potential clients

Watch Archibiz’s Chief Mentor, Ray Brown interviewing Kate Fitzgerald of Whispering Smith, on how she uses our 5 Pillars of Value framework to communicate the value of her practice to clients to secure the fees she desires.

How important is it to get your architecture projects published?

In a nutshell, published projects will form your foundational layer of marketing content. However, there are different approaches that architects can take to improve their chances of getting their work published in both print and digital platforms. Learn how to get your work published and which types of projects work best for each medium.