Highlights from the 2019 Architeam Making a Living Conference

Can you make a living from architecture?

This critical question formed the theme for the recent Architeam Conference held at the Melbourne Museum. With a stellar line-up of keynote speakers and panellists, including Attica’s Ben Shewry, and author of Why Architecture Matters, Flora Samuel, it was a day loaded with inspiration, aspiration, humour and at times despair. We heard varying perspectives, both local and international, from within the industry and outside about the business and professionalism surrounding the practice of architecture.

So, can you make a living from architecture?

Absolutely. We know this at Archibiz, because we work with architects who have successful businesses doing good design work. Here’s our key takeouts from the Architeam Conference on how you can do it too…

  1. Understand, and concisely communicate the value of architecture. Design value = economic value + environmental value + social value
    – Flora Samuel, author of Why Architects Matter

  2. As the business owner the buck stops with you. Take responsibility and don’t blame others.
    Ben Shewry, Attica Restaurant

  3. Taking care of your people is key to running a successful small business.
    – Ben Shewry, Attica Restaurant

  4. Learn the rules of business. Put aside time to focus on business education because good design alone, doesn’t make for a good business.
    – Ray Brown, Archibiz

  5. Use plain language when communicating with your clients and other stakeholders, not archispeak.
    – Flora Samuel, author of Why Architects Matter

  6. Attach a monetary value to savings you’re making for your clients.
    – Timothy Hill, Partners Hill

  7. Free concepts and designs teach society not to value the contribution of architects. Charge for the value you provide.
    – Matt Hinds, Taylor and Hinds

  8. People learn in different ways. Take the time to understand if your staff are Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic (movement) and communicate appropriately.
    – Justin Kabbani, HardHat Digital

  9. Value exchange needn’t purely be monetary. What can’t you normally access that can be exchanged for fair value?
    – Jorge Ambrosi, Ambrosi Etchegaray

  10. Developing your business requires expanding your network. Meet one new person per month for coffee that isn’t a potential client.
    – Frankie Layton, The Dirt Company


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