Case Studies


Ben Dallimore is Managing Director at RTA Studio, an award-winning architecture practice with offices in Auckland and Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. Ben has been with RTA for more than 15 years and makes up a part of the management team at the mid-sized practice.

When Ben first approached us, he was unsure that the DAPS Course would be a good fit for him. He feared that the course would be more suited for younger, entrepreneurial architects, and thus not really apply much to his role.

Ben discovered that the course has been the missing link in his professional development. After completing the program, he was able to finally start thinking and acting like a leader. He’s learned how to properly delegate, and has greater clarity of how business works as a whole. Overall, Ben gained confidence in his abilities as a Director.

The course has been extremely valuable to him and would be to anyone regardless of whatever level you’re at, he said.


Sherif Saad is the Director of ArtMade Architects, a Sydney-based, award-winning architectural practice that specializes in childcare, residential and commercial work.

When Sherif came to us, he wanted to optimize his practice of 22 years. He recognized there were areas of the practice that weren’t improving as quickly as they should and wanted to improve efficiency. Yet he needed to find the right program – and people – to help him identify and improve those areas.

Archibiz, as it turns out, was the solution he was looking for.

The DAPS Course has allowed him to have a better understanding of how the business is performing and which areas require greater focus. It’s allowed him to make better and quicker business decisions and finally move the practice forward. More importantly, it has pushed him outside of his comfort zone and challenged him in a way that was motivating, encouraging and inspiring.


Rebecca is the founder and director of Maytree Studios, a Queensland-based architecture practice that specialises in residential architecture.

Rebecca first enrolled in the Archibiz coaching program to gain a better understanding of the finances in her practice. Like many architects who start their own practice, she felt she had gaps in her business education and wanted to develop her knowledge in this area.

Specifically, she felt there was a gap between what her accountant would do and the analysis of that data. She had tried several different coaches and consultants prior to Archibiz, though none of them were able to provide her with the business skills she needed.

Working with Archibiz has been transformative to her business. She now has a much clearer sense of the practice’s finances, feels confident making important decisions and has a greater sense of control in the practice. Business coaching has helped Rebecca not only improve her practice’s profitability but also round out her own skills as a business owner.


Anne is the founder of Hindley & Co., a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design practice. The practice specialises in architecture and interior design for urban, coastal and rural residential projects.

For Anne, the main reason why she wanted business coaching was to improve the practice’s profitability. Despite securing enough work, the practice was struggling to earn a profit each year. She was searching for the right mentor to help her navigate the business’ complexities.

Archibiz has helped her understand and fix the issues that were negatively impacting her bottom line. Now, she has a greater sense of where her priorities lie and what she needs to do if she wants to turn a profit on every project.

While Anne initially wanted help with her practice’s profitability, she says she’s gained much more than that. She now has better systems and processes in place to help her regularly review the business performance, has improved her sales process, and feels much more comfortable with where her practice is at.


Jean is the director of Winter Architecture, an award-winning, Melbourne-based architecture practice that specialises in residential projects.

When Jean came to us in September 2019, she had growing practice but felt that she might need some help to realise her full potential and that of her practice. As a director of her firm, she had put it on herself that she had to be “all of the roles” in her practice. That included architect, business planner, bookkeeping, client liaison and marketing director.

And to be honest, she wasn’t convinced she needed the DAPS program. She felt as though she had a good grasp on the business elements we taught, plus her practice was securing work and gaining recognition.

But like many architects, she knew there had to be a better way to run a business. A way where she had the answers to tough business decisions and a better work-life balance.


Rob Davidov is the principal of Davidov Partners, an architecture practice based in Melbourne. Davidov Partners is an A+ Practice Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and is a registered Architectural Practice with the Architects Board of Victoria.


Thom McKenzie is principal of Winwood Mckenzie Architecture and President of the the Australian Institute of Architects Emerging Architects and Graduate Network (EmAGN).

Winwood Mckenzie Architecture is an Architecture and Design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. WMA designs well crafted and innovative residential, cultural and commercial projects providing full architectural and interior design services from concept design through to completion.