Bespoke mentoring & business advisory

For those architecture practices that are looking to fast track their practice performance, we offer bespoke mentoring and business coaching. Structured around a series of face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails each month, one of our experienced coaches will work with you and your practice on the following areas:


Mapping the vision for your business, understanding how this fits with your personal vision and building the strategic framework to deliver.


Understanding financial reporting and working towards cash flow positivity and profitability.


Identifying leadership, the practice structure, roles and responsibilities and workflow process.


Unlocking your brand values, articulating the value of architecture and adopting a client-first approach.

How do I get mentoring for my practice?

1.     MEET & GREET

A session will be scheduled with one of our coaches to learn more about you and your architectural practice. It allows us to gauge if you’re open to someone external providing feedback and guidance on your practice and to assess if there’s a workable chemistry between the parties. Mindset matters.



An initial business review may be undertaken, which includes interviews with clients and staff to assess where your practice is at. A written report will be presented detailing our assessment of where the business is now and those areas proposed for performance improvement through mentoring and business advisory. We charge for this review because it delivers insights and has value, whether you proceed with further mentoring and advisory.



Each month your assigned coach will work with you to deliver your practice performance program. This includes individual coaching of key people in the practice, working with the wider business on specific performance improvement strategies and setting up a board to get you working on the business, rather than in the business.

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