Here’s what Facebook’s news ban means for architects

Late last month, Facebook made the momentous decision to block news on its platform for Australian users.  

The company, upset with an Australian law that would force the social media giant to pay publishers for news, decided it would blackout news for Australians instead of coming to an agreement. The power play was viewed as childish and clumsy by many, given that Facebook’s ban also blocked vital information about public health and emergency services during a pandemic. 

But then a mere five days later, news for Australian users was back. The company had reportedly struck deals with publishers and regulators and all was in order. 

For many architects, Facebook has become a hub where we share ideas, awards, events, projects and announcements. A simple search for “architecture groups” will yield hundreds of results, many of them heavily populated with active and engaged users. Prospective clients often will look to an architect’s Facebook page, curious to see how many followers or “likes” they might have.  

The events of the past week have shown us that we cannot rely on Facebook (and its subsidiaries, like Instagram) as the only channel to communicate to our clients and network.  

More than ever, it’s becoming increasingly important to expand your marketing efforts and find other places where your potential clients may be. That may include optimizing the SEO on your website so you rank higher on search engines, attending more networking events after-hours, or writing just one blog post a month that provides useful information for your potential clients as they move through their purchase journey. 

While we cannot escape the realities of what social media has done to our society, we can refine our experiences on them and how we deal with them.  

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