Learn how to demonstrate your value to potential clients

When trying to attract new clients, how do you effectively demonstrate the value of your firm in a way that leads you to secure the fees you desire?

Ray Brown, Archibiz co-founder and chief mentor, recently chatted with Kate Fitzgerald, director of Whispering Smith Architecture and founder of ACA – Business of Small Practice, about how architects can improve their pitch to differentiate themselves from other architects.

In this video, you’ll learn about the Five Pillars of Value, how to use tools to help you negotiate a higher fee and the importance of having honest, open conversations with clients from early on.  

With the Five Pillars of Value, Ray discusses how clients should discuss hours, their systems and processes, knowledge and experience, relationships in the industry and expected project outcomes with prospective clients. While these can be tough topics to broach in first conversations, it can radically change both the client and architects’ relationship for the better. 

In 2019, Kate was part of Archibiz’s pilot Designing Architectural Practice Success (DAPS) Course and has since become a vocal advocate for the way it has transformed her business. Learn more about our signature DAPS program for architecture practice leaders here.