Strategies to help you kickstart your practice in a new year

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to think about what are some of the ways that we can improve in the new year.

Perhaps you want to hire a new team member or land bigger projects. Or, maybe you had a stellar year and simply want to keep the momentum from 2021 into the new year.

Similarly to the resolutions we set in our personal lives, we should set resolutions for our business.

There are three strategies that you can implement right away that will help you kickstart those resolutions and spark the momentum in the new year.

In our most recent live webinar, we sat down with Archibiz Mentors Ray Brown and Tim Smith to learn what these strategies are and how they can work to serve your architectural practice.

  1. Budgeting – A budget is your annual prediction of income and expenditure broken down by month. You will want to become an expert at budgeting this coming year, so that you never have to worry about whether you have enough cash on hand to hire an extra employee or pay the bills at the end of next month. There are simple tools that you can use that will help you create your budget and follow it each month. Make sure to use that budget as your guiding light and let it guide you towards your vision of where you want your practice to be.

  2. The Golden Metric – This 2022, you’re going to want to learn what the Golden Metric is and start implementing it in your practice. There are only two ways to increase your Golden Metric – you can charge more, or become more efficient. Tracking this metric will help you maximize productivity in your practice and set you on the path towards improvement.

  3. Sandwich Story – If you want to stand out from the multitude of other architects competing for projects, your best bet is to start utilizing the Sandwich Story method. The Sandwich Story will change the way you speak to clients. Rather than telling them what you do (which is essentially the same as every other architect), you’re going to share how you do it and why. Our framework will make it easy for you to create your Sandwich Story and start converting leads into clients.

To learn more about these strategies and how you can kickstart your practice, check out the replay of our webinar for free here.

There are business improvement opportunities all around you. At Archibiz, we offer business coaching and mentoring to architecture practice leaders who are looking to build profitable and impactful practices. To inquire about coaching, contact us directly by filling out this form, and we’ll find a time to chat about your needs and how Archibiz can help.