Three steps to practice success

To run a successful and sustainable practice, you need more than clients. You need the right systems and processes in place.  

Last week, Archibiz co-founders Ray Brown and Bec Kempster hosted a LIVE webinar detailing the “Three Steps to Practice Success.” During the webinar, they outlined a roadmap for architecture practice leaders who are looking for long-term success in their practice. 

Here are our top takeaways from the webinar: 

  • You have to nail your “sandwich story.” A sandwich story is what you tell to clients when you’re convincing them why they should engage with your practice. You want to really tell a story here. Don’t be afraid to go into those “pain areas” and show them how you might be able to resolve their pain. 

  • Making as little as five changes within your practice each month can lead to drastic results. In a year, that equates to 60 changes. Imagine the outcomes if you could make 60 small improvements to your practice. 

  • To run a successful business, you need to start “thinking like the board.” Implementing “board thinking” means that you, the practice owner, start to see yourself as a separate entity from the business. This will allow you to make better business decisions and lead a more profitable practice. 


Want to access the webinar replay? Click here to watch the entire webinar on-demand now.