Episode 2: Nic Granleese & Ben Morgan of Bowerbird

Nic Granleese and Ben Morgan are the founders of Bowerbird, an online platform that connects architects with journalists so that architects can get their projects published more easily and efficiently. With a community of 9,308 journalists and architects around the world, Bowerbird has been instrumental in helping architects gain recognition for their work.

In this second episode of Archibiz Unpacks: Marketing, Archibiz CEO Bec Kempster chats with Nic and Ben about the importance of storytelling. The Bowerbird founders share some fantastic tips for how architects can communicate both their client stories and their own stories, so that they can better connect with their audience.

You’ll also learn about “micro-publications” and how they could potentially be a game changer for small architecture projects. Plus, Nic and Ben advise on when you should hire experts to tell your story, and when you shouldn’t.

To learn more about Bowerbird or request to join their platform, check out their website: https://www.bowerbird.io/