3 Signs You’re Ready For Your First Employee

As a solopreneur architect, you’re used to doing things your way. You’ve built your architecture firm all on your own, and are proud of how far you’ve come. Yet sometimes, you find yourself overworked, stressed and overwhelmed at the amount of responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. So you ask yourself: Should I hire someone? … Continued

How to recruit architects in the age of the Great Resignation

For many architecture practice owners, finding and retaining top talent can be one of the most difficult aspects of leading a business. In Western Australia, startup Co-Architecture is trying to fix that issue. The professional network connects architecture practice owners with candidates. In this article, learn more about the platform and how it can help you create your ideal team.

Does your practice need a studio manager?

A studio manager in an architecture practice is an individual who can alleviate you from some of the burdens in your workday. They can handle a variety of different tasks, such as hiring new recruits, handling leads, or preparing the monthly budget for the practice, so that you do not have to. Learn what a studio manager does and how they can alleviate business owners’ burden.