10 tips for creating an effective architecture marketing strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is a bit like an architectural project.  

There’s often a budget, a vision for what you want to build, a plan for execution and final results. 

Then why is it that so many architects struggle when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for their own practice?

In the first-ever Archibiz Huddle, marketing expert Alicia Brown explained to attendees exactly what a marketing strategy is. In the 45-minute session, Archibiz ADAPSTERS and close friends learned what they need to do in order to create an effective strategy for their practice.  

Here are the top 10 tips for creating a marketing strategy for architects: 

  1. A marketing strategy involves the process of figuring out how to deploy available marketing and resources for maximum impact. 

  2. Architects only get about 5% of residential architecture projects. The rest goes to builders, building design companies and others. 

  3. When marketing your practice, strategically decide how you’re going to measure the results before you start implementing. If your marketing efforts are not generating the results you want, start over with something different.  

  4. In order to nail your marketing, you must know the vision for your company and how marketing can support that. Have a clear idea of where you want your practice to be in the next five years, and work towards making that vision a reality. 

  5. There are four key areas in a marketing business strategy: business objectives, target audiences, brand identity and perception, and budget.  

  6. There is no golden formula for determining your budget. It all depends on what you can afford, how many target audiences you want to reach and your objectives. 

  7. When trying to reach your target audience, it’s important to think about the content and pick the channels from their point of view. Don’t simply market to other architects. 

  8. Once you’ve defined your strategy, map out a plan for the next six months. Create a content calendar that shows what articles, posts or content you need in the next six months, and what you need to execute that plan.  

  9. Consider signing up for software that could help keep all of your past clients and contacts in a database. Systems like TinyPlus, Hubspot or Zoho can make it easier for you to stay in touch. 

  10. Get to know your local community. Marketing doesn’t have to only be online. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, local builders, realtors or accountants. You never know where your next client could come from!   

Huddles are invite-only events where the Archibiz community and friends gather to learn more about a topic or trend that’s impacting architects and how they run their business. Alicia is the director and founder of New Doors, a start-up marketing agency providing strategic marketing planning and implementation to businesses involved in the built environment. To learn more about how she can help your architecture practice, check out her website. 

If you’re looking for more tips, strategies and advice to improve your marketing, download our beloved “Architect’s Guide to Marketing” here.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly by filling out this form, and we’ll find a time to chat about your needs and how Archibiz can help.