Episode 4: Nikita Morell

Nikita Morell is a copywriting and marketing strategist who works exclusively with architects. Nikita helps solo practitioners, as well as small and emerging practices, attract their ideal clients through their website and marketing efforts. She’s the founder of Architects Wordshop, which includes comprehensive, step-by-step toolkits to help architects write their About Me pages, project descriptions, plus more.

In this fourth episode of Archibiz Unpacks Marketing, Archibiz CEO Bec Kempster sits down with Nikita to learn more about copywriting for architects. Nikita talks about the several ways in which architects can use words to complement the photographs on their website and attract their ideal client.

You’ll also hear Nikita provide her three top tips for creating copy for your website. Don’t enjoy writing about yourself? In this episode, you’ll also learn some tricks to help you overcome those fears and become a stronger writer. Finally, Bec and Nikita chat about how often you should be updating your website.