5 biggest risks when starting your own architecture firm 

Many architects aspire to start their own architecture firm one day. They dream of complete autonomy in choosing projects, being their own boss and establishing their name as a respected architect.   Starting your own architecture firm can be an amazing achievement. However, the journey to success is often one that is fraught with difficult roadblocks. … Continued

Feeling at odds with your contractor? Here are five reasons why and how to fix them 

One of the most important – and contentious – relationships that an architect has is the relationship with the contractor, or builder. In a recent study, the AIA and AGC set out to “uncover what makes the architect-contractor relationship work – and what causes others to break down or fail.” Get our key takeaways here, plus find out ways you can improve your relationship with your contractor.

Strategies to help you kickstart your practice in a new year

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to think about ways that we could improve our architecture practices in the new year. There are three strategies that you can implement right away that will help you build your profitability and productivity in the new year.

Three steps to practice success

To run a successful and sustainable practice, you need more than clients. You need the right systems and processes in place. Archibiz co-founders Ray Brown and Bec Kempster hosted a LIVE webinar detailing the “Three Steps to Practice Success.” During the webinar, they outlined a roadmap for architecture practice leaders who are looking for long-term success in their practice.

Business of Architecture: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Ray Brown

Watch Ray Brown, Archibiz co-founder, speak on the Business of Architecture Podcast. In this interview, you’ll hear Rion Willard, host of the show, talk to Ray about how architects can learn the basics of business to advance their own practice. You’ll also learn how architects can communicate their value to the client and bring awareness to their practice.

The power of the business review

Undertaking a business review can be one of the most impactful decisions an architecture practice owner can take. While it can be a daunting endeavor, business reviews have the power to energise your architecture practice and prepare you for what’s coming next. A business review can uncover the strengths and capabilities of each team member, and help owners gain clarity around their financials.

How to improve your architecture fee proposal

Writing an architecture fee proposal can be both daunting and all-consuming. Yet there are steps you can take to improve your fee proposal so that you win more projects and secure the fees you want. In this article, we outline best practices for creating and presenting an architect’s fee proposal.

Architecture practice boosters to try mid-year

A mid-year check-in with your practice can ensure that you are on pace to meet your revenue goals before the end of the year. Here are our three top recommendations for you to take on this June. Each practice booster focuses on one key area of the business – finance, operations, and sales and marketing – to ensure well-rounded success before the end of 2021.

Create your architecture business strategy in 3 easy steps

Good architecture is not enough to bring in good business. Architects need a business strategy they can implement in their practice. Here are three tips to consider when creating a business strategy in an architecture practice.