ArchiBiz Holiday Reading & Listening Guide for 2022 

For many of us, the holiday period can be an overwhelming time of the year.   There are projects to wrap up, invoices to send out, a holiday party to throw and what seems like a never-ending to-do list to get through before we close the office doors.  However busy we might be, it’s important that … Continued

6 signs your architecture firm needs a marketing makeover

When it comes to architecture marketing, it can be difficult to gauge if your marketing strategy in your architecture firm is reaching its full potential, or leaving you money on the table. Here are six warning signs to watch out for.

Architecture marketing trends you need to know in 2022

When it comes to marketing, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of information available to architects. It can be easy to get caught up – and confused – about what you should be doing to properly market your architecture practice and reach your ideal clients. In our most recent Huddle, we sat down with Amy Edwards, founder of Markedly, to learn more about seven marketing trends that architects, designers and creatives should know in 2022 and how they can use these trends to benefit their firms.

Three steps to practice success

To run a successful and sustainable practice, you need more than clients. You need the right systems and processes in place. Archibiz co-founders Ray Brown and Bec Kempster hosted a LIVE webinar detailing the “Three Steps to Practice Success.” During the webinar, they outlined a roadmap for architecture practice leaders who are looking for long-term success in their practice.

Here’s what Facebook’s news ban means for architects

Late last month, Facebook made the momentous decision to block news on its platform for Australian users. For many architects, Facebook has become a hub where we share ideas, awards, events, projects and announcements. The events of the past week have shown us that we cannot rely on Facebook (and its subsidiaries, like Instagram) as the only channel to communicate to our clients and network.

How important is it to get your architecture projects published?

In a nutshell, published projects will form your foundational layer of marketing content. However, there are different approaches that architects can take to improve their chances of getting their work published in both print and digital platforms. Learn how to get your work published and which types of projects work best for each medium.